We Guide Teachers through the process of Building 6 and 7 Figure Subscription Based Businesses using the products they already sell on TPT and elsewhere.


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The EXACT step-by-step system Jeff used several times to create his own 7 figure subscription based curriculum companies.

  30 Day Step-by-step Membership Website Creation Course  ($10,000 Value)

  Copy and Paste Email Templates and Web Page Copy and  ($10,000 Value)

  Jeff's Pre-Made Million Dollar Checkout Funnels. Just Upload them directly to your site! ($10,000 Value)

 β€‹β€‹ Hook, Offer, Pitch Course: How To Make Your Teacher Products Sell Them Selves  ($10,000 Value) 

  β€‹Blog Posts That Work Course  ($10,000 Value)

 β€‹ 7 Figure​ Email Marketing Course​ ($10,000 Value)

 β€‹ Scale Quickly with Up-sells, Down-sells, Cross-sells, and Order Bumps Course​ ($10,000 Value)

​ β€‹ Ads That Work For Teachers Course: Learn how to run ads that not only produce sales but also pay for themselves. ($10,000 Value)

​ β€‹ Hire Help To Scale at 10X Speed Course ($10,000 Value)

​ β€‹ How to Build a Brand that Does Not Require YOU being the Face of it. ($10,000 Value)​

​ β€‹ Includes access to special deals and discounts Jeff worked out with companies to get the softwares needed to build your membership. ​Some of them you cannot get anywhere else πŸ˜². 

Total value: $100,000

Would You Pay $100,000 for a 7+ Figure Recurring Revenue Business if you had the Money? Of course you would! Everyone would! But you don't have to. Just take our 30 Day Course and FOLLOW through from start to finish.

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