From Math Teacher to Millionaire. You can do it too!


Jeff spent 20 years in the public education system.


Over the course of Jeff's career he taught middle school and high school math.

He coached basketball and was a head varsity football coach. 

He was a personal trainer at night.

He did landscaping on all school breaks and summer.

He has a family and all those time consuming responsibilities.


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A Timeline of Events to show you that there are NO EXCUSES as to why you can't become a 6-7 Figure Teacher Seller




In 2014 Jeff finally finished creating his first full math curriculum. During that time he was teaching full time (4 different preps), he was the Head Varsity Football Coach at the School, and he had an hour and a half daily commute ONE WAY to school. To top it all off he was a personal trainer working with clients everyday for hours after practice and on the weekends!


Jeff went to YouTube to learn how to create a website. He spent the remainder or 2014 and the first 8 months of 2015 learning how to create a subscription based website for Geometry teachers.

He wrote blog posts, emails, the copy for his site. He learned to do graphic design so he had images on his site. He spent every dime he had and all the credit card debt he could consume to learn how to build his membership.

Then on September 1st, 2015 he hit publish on his website and went to bed completely exhausted.

The next morning he woke up to this alert on his phone.

He logged into his Stripe account in disbelief to see that it was true. A Geometry teacher paid for an annual membership to his little (very ugly, slow, and glitchy) website. What is completely amazing is that teacher #1 is still a member to this day!

The website might have needed work but the


Then Jeff learned about scaling and how to take a company to 6 and 7 figure levels (I know it is hard to comprehend that amount of money as a teacher but bear with us until the end).

There are many ways to scale a business. One of them is to find a product that works and sells like crazy and create different versions of it to sell to the same people.

So that is what Jeff did. He spent all of 2016 creating two new curriculums to add to his membership

He also was able to afford his first employee. He loved creating the website, funnels, marketing, branding, and being the visionary for the company. So, he decided to hire another curriculum writer.


2017 was absolutely wild! He had created math curriculum for grades 6-12. Things were rolling and he just hired 4 curriculum writers, 3 graphic designers, and even someone to manage the websites

Now Jeff was able to focus on what he really loved, running the business! He is a visionary. His passion is in marketing, branding, funnel building, and creating scalable systems and processes (or SOP = Standard Operating Procedures) for the company.

In 2017 Jeff decided to scale his company (yes now it is a legit company with employees depending on his decisions to pay their bills and feed their families). This time he scaled in a different way. He created a science curriculum (Biology to be exact). He used the same SOPs as he did with the math business. Everything was quickly set up and he called the new website / business iTeachly!

He had made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons while scaling With iTeachly he now knew exactly what to do and how to do it. 


2018 was the biggest year for Jeff mentally. He was running two multi-million dollar businesses and had the hardest decision of his life to make...

Jeff was still the Head Football Coach, he was still teaching high school math. He was also teaching CCP Entrepreneurship class and a CCP marketing class. He was still doing personal training after practice and on weekends.

He didn't need to be doing any of these things anymore but he loved teaching and coaching.

Giving up those things was not about the money it was about his passion for education

He received a ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award. Everything was rolling! 

He knew it was time to resign from his teaching position and give up the personal training so he could focus on growing his company even larger.

So, at the end of the school year he retired from teaching.


In 2019 Jeff was made an offer he could not refuse. A company wanted to purchase

This process was absolutely grueling! He was not prepared for all of the questions and documents that were required for the sale. So he hired a coach to teach him how to make sure the business was set up for an exit.

He has spent over $100,000 on business coaches. As you know from his podcasts Jeff has always hired coaches to take him and his companies to the next level.


In 2020 Jeff got to now focus on some other projects. He grew iTeachly from just offering Biology to also including Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science. 

The issue was Jeff was not doing much with iTeachly anymore. He had his systems down to a science and they were running on auto-pilot

He decided to take on some other projects. One of which was helping a personal trainer create and launch a new fitness program.

The launch did $111,000+ in 7 days.

To most people that would be awesome. But it was not Jeff's passion. But, it did let him know he could apply his skill set into any niche.

He started a company for Intervention Specialists and even one for football coaches along with a few others. 

But his passion was in education. As he continued to grow his curriculum companies he ran into a major problem. He could not get the curriculums done fast enough to scale as quickly as he wanted to no matter how many employees he hired.



In 2021 Jeff started to put together the greatest project of his life! His math and science curriculums are absolutely awesome and have tens of thousands of teachers and school districts from all over the world using them. What he created was changing teachers lives

Back to the not being able to create curriculum fast enough problem...

Jeff realized that the thing he had perfected was not the curriculums themselves. It was the systems and processes of marketing and selling those resources.

He knew what he needed to do was work with teachers that had already created amazing curriculum that just did not know how to market and sell it. Teachers that had amazing products but were only making a small amount of money selling on TPT.

He took all of his systems and processes, his websites, funnels, marketing emails, automations, software stacks, and everything he had learned through coaches and his own experiences. He compiled all of those things into a place where he could do what he really does best and what he is most passionate about... 


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Jeff did all this while working too many jobs, commuting 3 hours per day, and with no money to start.

If you really want a 6,7, or even 8 figure teacher business then do not let ANYTHING stop you!

Especially Limiting Beliefs!




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